Is the Exclusive Florida Distributor for SG Arms, Ghost Firearms (aka Grid Defense)

We are always looking for Retail Shops that are a "Good Fit" for our Product Lines. We Also Work With Law Enforcement (and other Government) Agencies To Supply Them With Top Quality Gear.

"Your One Stop AR & Glock Shop"

Gun enthusiasts visiting Southern Guns & More Inc.’s online gun store have plenty of choices besides guns, including gun sights & gun optics, magazines, cheap ammo, clothing, and outdoor gear. But when it comes to guns, there are two basic choices – factory manufactured firearms or those you can build yourself. Our clients building their very first AR rifle or Glock handgun often get bitten by the build bug and can't wait to build their next! Every time they shoot that DIY gun, they feel an unequaled pride of ownership.

We offer AR-15 build kits as well as AR-15 Ghost kits, which enable you to produce a unregistered AR-15 with all the parts necessary delivered right to your door, legally bypassing registration regulations and background checks. This is possible through the use of one of our 80% AR lower receiver units, which don't require delivery to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer. Happy building!

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